【第九十六期】杨宇:“东方主义”与东方装饰艺术 | [No.96] Yu YANG: ‘Orientalism’ and Oriental Decorative Art

【活动时间地点&预订方式 | Event Time, Location & Reservation Method】

2024年4月6日星期六 14:00 – 17:00 | Sat, 6 April 2024 14:00 – 17:00 BST

Flat 4, The River House, 3 Chelsea Embankment, London SW3 4LG


【内容简介 | Summary】


For centuries, Europe has described porcelain, lacquerware, and textiles rich in exotic Oriental charm as rare luxuries and has been fascinated by them. These artworks entered Europe from East Asia in the early 16th century and profoundly influenced local European designers by the mid-18th century, closely integrating with the Rococo design trend of the time. To this day, decorative arts inspired by Oriental patterns remain vibrant in various aspects of European life, continually creating a magnificent and diverse world of Oriental fantasy.

杨宇,现居住工作于伦敦,分别任职于世界顶级室内奢侈品手绘壁纸品牌de Gournay设计师、英国Gainsborough Silk Weaving纺织品设计师。他将结合自己在英国多年的行业实践经验,为大家介绍在西方思维与视角下,对东方文化与装饰艺术的使用。在他看来,自己目前的工作跟几百年前与欧洲那些密切交流的中国设计师、艺术家们所做的非常相似,是一种跨文化紧密相融的工作。他自己表示很幸运可以不断挖掘其背后的动人故事,用全新创作向世人展示。

Yu YANG, currently living and working in London, holds positions as a designer for de Gournay, a world-leading luxury hand-painted wallpaper brand, and as a textile designer for Gainsborough Silk Weaving in the UK. He will share his years of industry experience in the UK, introducing the use of Oriental culture and decorative art from a Western mindset and perspective. In his view, his current work is very similar to that of Chinese designers and artists who were in close communication with Europe hundreds of years ago, embodying a cross-cultural integration. He feels fortunate to continuously uncover the compelling stories behind his work and to present them to the world through his original creations.

“西方从没有停止探索学习了解东方文化,他们以一种非常务实、谦逊、聪明的方式研究学习东方文化,应用在日益多变的生活环境之中。” 在此次沙龙中,杨宇希望用自己的作品,和多年积累下来的经验,和大家一同探讨当下西方对于东方文化的吸纳与使用。

‘The West has never stopped exploring, learning, and understanding Eastern culture. They study and learn about Eastern culture in a very pragmatic, humble, and intelligent manner, applying it in an increasingly diverse living environment.’ In this salon, Yu YANG hopes to use his own works and the experience he has accumulated over the years to discuss with everyone the current Western absorption and use of Eastern culture.

此幅壁纸是于2021年与英国壁纸品牌 Sian Zeng 的合作设计 | This wallpaper was designed in collaboration with the British wallpaper brand Sian Zeng in 2021
杨宇的纺织品与纹样设计 | Yu YANG’s Textile and Pattern Design
杨宇在de Gournay任职设计师时,与设计团队一同完成的de Gournay x Charbonnel & Walker 英国国王登基纪念巧克力包装 | During Yu YANG’s tenure as a designer at de Gournay, he and the design team completed the de Gournay x Charbonnel & Walker chocolate packaging in commemoration of the British King’s Coronation
杨宇的艺术挂毯作品 | Yu YANG’s Art Tapestry Works

【主讲人简介 | About the Speaker】


杨宇毕业于英国皇家艺术学院纺织品设计,任职于世界顶级奢侈品手绘壁纸品牌de Gournay 设计师、英国盖恩斯伯勒公司纺织品设计师、2020年入选英国艺术家协会杰出人才,并在伦敦拥有自己的设计工作室。 

Yu YANG graduated from the Royal College of Art in the UK with a degree in Textile Design, and has worked as a designer for de Gournay, a world-leading luxury hand-painted wallpaper brand, a textile designer for Gainsborough Silk Weaving in the UK, was selected as a distinguished talent by the British Artists Association in 2020, and owns his own design studio in London.


Yu YANG has extensive experience in the fields of interior, fashion, and product design. He is adept at integrating the most cutting-edge international perspectives and concepts with Chinese local culture, blending art, culture, and regional styles together and implementing them in practice.

他的作品也被“Texitle View”、“Cover ” 等国际专业艺术与设计期刊所刊载。他的艺术作品展于伦敦Hoxton 253 艺术空间、Henry Moore美术馆、 Dyson博物馆和浙江美术馆、上海纺织与服饰博物馆等。

His works have been featured in international professional art and design journals such as ‘Textile View’ and ‘Cover’. His art pieces have been exhibited at the Hoxton 253 art space, the Henry Moore Museum, the Dyson Museum, the Zhejiang Art Museum, and the Shanghai Textile and Fashion Museum, among others.